Digicel Suva Volleyball Results


THE Nadera Coastliners were taught a volleyball lesson by their more seasoned counterparts Red Faith One by 3 sets to one in the premier challenge of the Digicel Suva Volleyball League yesterday (Saturday) at the FMF Gym.

But the game was not all that easy for the Manasa Baleibasaga led Red Faith team as their opponents took them to the wire 25-14 in the first set, 25-12 in the second and 25-15 in the final set.

Nadera, who are the newcomers this season are playing serious volleyball for the first time, and captain Ako Masarau had said before the match they still have much to learn and also more confidence to build through the season.

In the Super-Premier challenge, Marist cruised to another victory taking our Drifters 3-0 to take the title for yet another week.

The women’s knockout also began yesterday at the FMF Gymnasium with the Anaseini Seniloli led Marist Saints beating Torika Nuku’s Unix in the finals to take home $300.

Meanwhile, another new club Innercircle from Lami joined the League yesterday with a mens and women’s team taking the men’s total of team now to 22 (12 in the Super premier and 10 in the Premier).

Three teams have registered for the women’s league and the SVA are inviting all interested teams.


C1: 8am Marist 2-0 Tamavua Bulls 1, Cakau 2–0 Saints, Drifters 2-0 Mighty Heights, Coastline Nadera 2-1 Tamavua Bulls Two, Toba One 2-0 Jammers, (Premier Challenge) Red Faith One 3 -0 Coastline Nadera, (Super Premier Challenge) Marist 3-0 Drifters, Toba Two 2 -1 Innercircle, Drifters 1-2 Cakau, Lions 2-1 Jammers, Marist 2-0 Jittu, Jammers 1-2 Sharks , Marist 2 –0 Saints,Tamavua Bulls Two 0-2 Red Faith One

C2: 8am Red Faith One wbd Pegasus, Tamavua Bulls One 1-2 Lions, Qauia 2-1 Red Faith 2, Red Faith One 2-0 Toba Two, Toba One 2 -0 Cakau, Lions 2-1 Sharks, Saints 0-2 Celtics 1, Pegasus 0-2 Innercircle, Pegasus 0-2 Toba 2, Celtics One 2-0 Toba One,

C3: 8am Toba One 2 –1 Drifters, Pegasus 1–2 Qauia, Marist 2–0 Sharks, Celtics One 2 –0 Jittu, Tamavua Bulls One 2 –0 Sharks, Tamavua Bulls Two 0 – 2 Innercircle, Celtics Two 0 –2 Innercircle, Tamavua Bulls One 2 –0 Saints, Coastline Nadera wbd Qauia, Drifters 2–0 Jittu, Red Faith Two 0–2 Innercircle, Drifters 2-1 Jammers.

Ladies: Unix 1-2 Marist, Unix 2-0 Innercircle, Marist Saints 2-0 Innercircle,
Final: Marist Saints 3-0 Unix


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