Diwali celebrations at Police HQ

Caption: I-Taukei officers in Indian costumes during the celebrations.

Police officers will be on full alert and they will have to find time to celebrate Diwali with their families.

This was the message by the Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan during the Diwali celebration at the Police Headquarters today (Thursday 31/11/13).

“It is our duty to ensure that members of the public enjoy Diwali with their families and we will be out there to protect them,” said the current Police Commissioner.

He stressed that the festival of lights was all about sacrifice and he expect every Police officers to do the same.

He reminded Police Officers that November will be the wellness month where all Police Officers are expected to sacrifice and go without alcohol, liquor and kava.

The head of Police hopes that this year’s Diwali will bring peace and prosperity to everyone.



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