DVI workshop for officers  

Identifying the deceased or victims of tragedies or accidents will be easier for the Fiji Police Force as 20 of its officers attends a Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) course at the Fiji Police Academy in Nasova.

The course co-ordinated by the New Zealand Police will be for two weeks commencing this morning. This is the first course organised by the New Police since relationship between the two countries normalizes last month.

Officers from all the divisions are participants with four officers from the New Zealand Police Force facilitating the course.

The objective of the course is to equip the officers who may be required to respond to a DVI incident with the knowledge and skills required to function within a DVI structure.

At the end of the two day course, participants will be expected to demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the DVI process, demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate legislation and also understanding police role on DVI.

The officers will also be able to understand the international and Interpol DVI procedures and working in an international setting, demonstrate the ability to use appropriate safety equipment and safe practices.

In opening the course this morning Deputy Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan urged the officers to learn as much as they can from the officers from New Zealand.

“Learn as much as you can and make sure you practice what you learn when you return to your divisions after the course,” he said.


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