E-Ticketing Cards out of Stock, $2.00 offer to be extended

CAPTION:-  Foneology director James Trusler, left, demonstrates the use of the new E-Ticketing console box while LTA media officer Alfred Wiliame, KBL executive chairman Nisar Ali Shah and Vodafone head of corporate affairs and manager M-PAiSA Shailendra Prasad look on during the launch of the service in the western division recently. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

Vodafone and LTA have announced that an unprecedentedly high number of people turning up to purchase the e-ticketing cards have seen the initial stock of 100,000 cards run out earlier than expected. This means there are no more cards on hand to be issued until new stocks arrive. “We would like to apologize to the members of the public of the out of stock situation”, said LTA and Vodafone in a joint statement. However, the LTA assured that members of the public that they will not be disadvantaged in any way because Vodafone has agreed to extend the $2.00 per card offer for an equivalent period the card is out of stock.

Head of E-Ticketing Project at Vodafone, Mr Shailendra Prasad said’ “ Whilst it is unfortunate that the cards have run out, it is also a very good sign of people’s support of e-ticketing given that 100,000 cards have been snapped up in just few weeks. Vodafone had ordered ample stock to last up to two months at the initial price of $10.00. However, the reduction in price from $10.00 to $2.00 per card meant there was a rush from the members of the public to get their cards and the unprecedentedly higher than expected demand meant the card ran out before the next batch could arrive. Vodafone placed orders for the second batch of cards straight after the $2.00 card price was announced. However, the factory closure in China for their annual spring festival and Chinese New year did not help the cause. This had slightly delayed the arrival of the cards which is now expected to be in by the second week of March

Once the cards are in stock again, Vodafone will advise the members of the public accordingly. In the meantime Vodafone wishes to assure the members of the public that it will extend the $2.00 per card offer so that the members of the public are not in any way disadvantaged from benefitting from the $2.00 offer. Vodafone is also expected to assemble and train few more teams to beef up the manpower so that more issuing outlets and road show teams are mobilized to speed up the card registration process

“Vodafone apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the members of the public and appreciates their understanding and patience. “Vodafone will extend the $2.00 card offer for period the cards are out of stock so that the public is not disadvantaged in any way” Mr Prasad said.


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