CAPTION: PS Education Dr Brij Lal. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

The Fiji Institute of Education Officers met yesterday for a three day workshop to address issues and identify avenues to ensure quality education is delivered in all schools.

Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture and Arts permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal deliberated on the theme “Step Up and Close the Gap” during the opening of the workshop at the Pearl South Pacific Resort in Pacific Harbour.

In addressing senior staff, Dr Lal thanked them for the commitment last year in the achievement of the 98.86% through the SFCCO rating which was the highest for all government departments.

“I am thankful that I have a team that is willing to work with me and work with each other. The extra effort that you injected in the rehabilitation phase after cyclone Evan is commended and is in itself a testimony of dedication and hard work as we managed to open all schools on the 21st of January,” Dr Lal said.

Dr Lal further deliberated that education officers should have a sound character, be curious and have courage to step up in their performance and close the gap for improved services.

“If you want to make positive changes to those you lead and strengthen the capacity of their input then you have to be a trustworthy leader. A leader that wins the trust of officers that will ensure the achievement of high performing services,” Dr Lal said.

The three day workshop will assist in equipping education officers from the nine districts with the necessary training to ensure improved performance to address gaps in order to improve services to the public at large.


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