Enabling access to success through technology

Rishikul Sanatan College in Nasinu is the latest recipient of 10 mini laptops, WiFi devices, and one year’s supply of internet from the Vodafone Fiji Foundation. Speaking at the handover ceremony, Vodafone Fiji Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi, said that “Digital Literacy was fundamental to young people’s participation in the 21st century society”.

“The Vodafone Fiji Foundation is working towards bridging the digital divide in schools and communities through ‘mEducation’ under its ‘Mobile for Good’ programme.  Through a 50:50 funding initiative, schools are able to raise funds and be eligible for part funding from the Foundation.  The 50:50 funding model is to foster collective responsibility and ownership for the development of Digital Literacy in Fiji by all stakeholders”, said Devi. Earlier the school did a walk-a-thon drive to raise funds for this project.
“This sustainable model was developed with an aim to catalyze real social change by involving partners in the education sector including the Ministry of Education. The model will contribute to a new dimension in learning by assisting schools with mini laptops and internet connectivity for research on the World Wide Web”, said Ms. Devi.
“mEducation is truly a wonderful initiative to empower our students and we thank the Foundation for partnering with us to support student learning with the best aides for these digital natives”, said the Principal of Rishikul Sanatan College, Mr. Gyan Chand Sumer.
“We have already funded 20 schools, throughout Fiji, with over 200 laptops and internet connectivity since June this year and we have seen a marked increase in other schools registering for funding under the mEducation programme. We hope that the Mobile for Good programme will narrow the digital divide in our schools and communities”, said Ms. Devi.
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