Term One’s much-anticipated two-day secondary school athletics competition- the Coca-Cola Games, begins today and students, parents, old scholars and supporters of children’s education will be there to witness this spectacular annual event.

The Minister for Education, Dr Filipe Bole, extends the Ministry’s best wishes to all participating schools.

“May you all enjoy the games, cheer for your school mates, and let the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play take centre stage in all aspects of the Games,” said Ambassador Dr. Bole.

The National Stadium during these two days will be an arena to showcase athletic talents and skills at its finest.

“Not only that, this is one arena where spectators will witness and gauge how schools value the importance of good sportsmanship, comradeship and respect for another school.”

“In that regard, the Stadium should not be a floorshow for intimidating, shallow and demeaning cheers or remarks. Such comments, have in the past, instigated nasty fight scenes, which are an embarrassment to the general public and to sports.”

“Let’s all make this year’s Games a memorable one for everyone. Let’s respect one another in the true spirit of the Coca-Cola Games”, Minister Bole said.


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