The Minister for Environment Hon. Parveen Kumar has raised concerns on the high number of illegal dumping sites for waste around the country.

This, he says, despite continuous reminders for businesses and communities not to do so.

This was highlighted by Minister Kumar while closing the week – long Environment Compliance Operation for Nadroga/Navosa where he also presented certificates.

“I understand that we have some shortfalls within the ministry but looking after the environment is not only government’s job, it is our collective duty towards Mother Nature,” Minister Kumar said.

“The Constitution now has the right to a clean environment for every citizen and we are doing a lot behind the scene and all of these would be unveiled in 2016.”

Minister Kumar added that the Environment department has received an increase in budget allocations for 2016 and there would be changes to ensure that every citizen takes ownership of their surroundings.

“All we need is a bit of pride in our nation, our town, our surrounding. We will ensure that there is capacity building for all our district offices and divisional offices and that we will come hard on those that continue to disregard the law,” Minister Kumar said.

“We will launch a ‘Name and Shame’ programme where Fijians no matter where they are will be able to send photos and videos of perpetrators and we will shame them publicly.”

Government will also announce a National Environment Council to oversee works on the environment for the country.


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