Ete works on fitness for marathon WOWS Walk

Between his comedy shows, Laughing Samoan Eteuati Ete has been putting in extra hours of training to get into shape for his marathon walk around Viti Levu next month for WOWS Kids (Fiji).

“I’ve always tried to keep in good shape,” the 52-year-old said from his home in Wellington. “I spend plenty of hours in the gym, but this walk is a little different – it’s more about stamina than strength.”

At 5:30am on Monday 6 October, Ete will start his 462-kilometre clockwise trek around Fiji’s main island from Sukuna Park in Suva, where he is also scheduled to finish 13 days later on Saturday 18 October to fanfare, an International Head Shave and a Free Concert featuring top local performers Rako Pasefika.

“Meeting Tae Kami back in 2008 two weeks before she died had a big impact on Tofiga (Fepulea’i) and me,” he said. “So it was a privilege to be in Fiji last month for the WOWS Kids concerts to raise awareness for the Walk On Walk Strong cause.”

The WOWS Kids (Fiji) Walk around Viti Levu is essentially a “two-week walkathon” to raise funds and awareness for children with cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

All funds raised will go towards the work of WOWS Kids (Fiji), including the setting up of resource centres in Suva and Lautoka, as well as the WOWS Kids Care Fund, which helps to look after the needs of these children.

Joining Ete on his mammoth journey is WOWS Kids (Fiji) Communications Officer Jeremy Duxbury, whilst companies and individuals are welcome to join for one or more legs of the journey.

Registration per person is $25, which includes the WOWS Walk T-shirt. Sponsorship target is set at $100 for individuals and $1,000 per day for companies.

Companies and individuals wishing to take part in the walk or the International Head Shave should contact Makeleta Liebregts for a registration form via email on <> or by phone on 730-0121.

WOWS Kids (Fiji) chairman, Makrava Wilson, reminded the Fiji public that there will be an International Head Shave at Sukuna Park on the afternoon of Saturday 18 October.

“The WOWS ‘Shave Or Save’ event has drawn considerable interest in the past, and we welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to shave their locks for the cause,” he said.

WOWS Kids (Fiji) recently lodged their registration papers as part of the next step in the process towards realising the dreams of the late Tae Kami to assist other Pacific families suffering from the same heartache.



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