Faithful to the finish

Students graduating from Fiji National University have been reminded to pay tribute to those who have been by their side and have helped them reach this far.

Speaking as Chief Guest during the ceremony at Vodafone Arena in Suva today, the Deputy Chair of the Fiji National University Council, Arvind Maharaj, said graduation ceremonies are always a highlight, not only for students but also those who have been supportive behind the scenes, whose stories of  sacrifice and encouragement remain silent and untold.

He thanked the families, friends and well-wishers of the 936 graduands, while congratulating them for their hard work and sacrifice.

“Being the Vice Chairman of the FNU Council, I have heard numerous stories of families who over the

years have had to struggle for their children’s education.

There are truly many inspirational stories and at the same time, and unfortunately so, many sad ones as well, where bright children couldn’t pursue their education due to many factors,” he said.

Mr Maharaj said parents were the true heroes of the grand occasion as without them – their hard work, comfort and unwavering support – there would have been a greater struggle to reach the finish line.

“The journey on the road to success isn’t always easy and you are all familiar with the various sacrifices you have had to make to get where you are today. Always remember, these are all part of the wonderful lessons in life,” he said.

Mr Maharaj said it was an honour to see yet another large pool of young professionals ready and eagerly waiting to join the workforce.

“Graduands, my message to you is of patience, perseverance, dedication and commitment – these

traits will determine how you progress in the real world out there.”

He urged graduates to apply the lessons and knowledge gained at the Fiji National University, in a challenging world.

“The qualifications that you have attained are crucial to our nation’s development – always remember the huge potential that you have – as well as the responsibility which now rests on your shoulders – as we all look to you as our future leaders.”

Mr Maharaj said FNU Council and government were pleased with the progress the University has made.

“We also recognise its contribution and the unlimited potential it has towards not only the development of our nation but the Pacific region as well,” he said.

FNU Vice Chancellor, Dr Ganesh Chand said it was a pleasure for him to welcome students to the University’s second graduation ceremony for 2014.

“Today, as you receive your qualifications, you will hold in your hands the key to the door of your future professional success,” he said.

“As future leaders, I trust that the leadership qualities that you demonstrate in the future will reflect the values that you have nurtured during your years at FNU.”

While congratulating the students, Dr Chand invited them to remain connected to FNU as alumni.

“Out alumni are very important ambassadors and friends of the University and can make important contributions to the University in many areas,” he said.

Dr Chand also encouraged graduands to continue upgrading their knowledge while in the workforce.

“Learning should always be a lifelong ambition for all of us and I wish to extend an invitation to all graduands to return to FNU to either further your tertiary qualification or work with us in further developing and steering education within the region,” he said.

Pro Vice Chancellor and Chair of University of the South Pacific, Mr Ikbal Jannif, said the three universities in the country were working towards developing the country despite competition.

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