FEO Fiji Showcase Quiz Competition Winner


FEO Fiji Showcase 2015 quiz competion winner Heka Vuso. Photo:SUPPLIED


The Fijian Elections Office (FEO) first winner of the quiz competition at the Fiji Showcase 2015 is Ms Heka Vuso, a USP student from Vanuatu.

She was very delighted to receive her prize from the Deputy Supervisor of Elections at FEO this afternoon.

Ms Vuso participated in the quiz competition on Friday 26th of June.
She won herself two movie tickets to a movie of her choice at Damodar Cinemas.

According to the Supervisor of Elections, Mr Saneem, a total of two hundred and six (206) Fijians have participated in the quiz competition so far. Mr Saneem further added that “the
Quiz competition has generated a lot of interest amongst the younger Fijians as they keep
on coming to the booth to participate in the competition”.

To add on, while answering the quiz questions, young Fijians are enhancing their knowledge and understanding in relation to the electoral processes.

He further states “this type of strategies must be encouraged amongst the younger Fijians to raise awareness to the voters”.

The FEO is pleased with the interest shown by the Fijians in the quiz competition and is encouraging more Fijians to take part.

The second draw would be held on Wednesday at 8.00p.m and the final draw would be held on the 4th July at 8.00p.m at the Fiji Showcase.
Winners will receive double cinema asses and a mobile phone for the final draw.

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