Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun Report Significant Increase in On-Time Performance Results for September

Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun have reported significantly improved on time performance results (OTP) for September.
OTP is a global airline industry benchmark which measures aircraft flight departures as being on time if they depart from the gate within 15 minutes of the airline’s scheduled departure time. Most airlines worldwide regard OTP at or above 80% as exceptional.

Fiji Airways reported an on-time performance of 89% in September, compared to 70.4% in August. This is a 26.4 % increase.

Pacific Sun again achieved industry leading figures, reporting an on-time performance of 94.6% in September, compared to 93.9% achieved in August.

Stefan Pichler, Fiji Airways’ Managing Director and CEO remarked: “We’ve come out of a couple of pretty bad months for OTP, and turned it around in September quite remarkably. Improving OTP was one key priority for me when I started at Fiji Airways on September 2nd. Our management team is in the process of implementing a couple of improvements to ensure that we never fall back into deep misery again. I’m pretty pleased with the September results of both, Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun. An 89% OTP is above our annual target of 80% handily, but of course we always can do better. And in the few cases where we’ve had disruptions in September, I apologise to all affected customers.”

“Going forward, we will publish OTP results for Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun every month, and also have the results available on our website. This is part of our efforts to become more credible to our customers as well as to the public.”

One major delay in September was caused by crew sickness in Hong Kong, which affected aircraft rotation for subsequent flights.


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