Fiji Airways Announces New Cargo Interline Deals

Caption:  Cargo Interline. Phot0: SUPPLIED.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014: Fiji Airways, Fiji’s National Airline today announced new interline cargo agreements with five other airlines today for the carriage of freight to and from Fiji to numerous cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

The new agreements are part of the Fiji Airways strategy to enhance airline partnerships across its passenger and freight business, and to allow Fijian exporters to realise new markets abroad. The new interline partners are Korean Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines.

Cargo Interline

Cargo Interline

Stefan Pichler, Fiji Airways’ Managing Director and CEO comments: “We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships which enhance our network and position Fiji Airways and put Fiji as a great country on the map of international aviation business. I’m pleased that we were able to sign up those new interline deals, as they open up export opportunities for Fijian exporters, and also provide further Fiji businesses new opportunities for importing products.”

Fiji Airways will provide its new partners with cargo feeds from 34 of its flights, and in return will be able to link up to 47 new international flights.

He adds: “Our freight customers will be able to ship cargo to new destinations like Beijing, for instance, through Hong Kong Airlines. The Etihad Airways arrangement will complement our cargo interline deal with Emirates, expanding our reach in the Middle East and Europe. We’re giving further cargo capacity to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines through Auckland and Sydney. And Fijian businesses are now able to import products from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.”

“In addition to this, we are also strengthening relationships with local freight agents. This a major area of focus for our Freight Department. And as we are, by design, limited to grow cargo capacity ourselves, we continue to look for ways to enhance business opportunities for our cargo partners.”


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