Fiji Airways welcomes its new cabin crew members today


Fiji Airways today welcomed 20 new bright and energetic flight attendants starting with their first training this morning.

“From a pool of 1,500 applicants, we have chosen 20 people who will be undergoing for the training as cabin crews for Fiji Airways and it’s important that proper training is given as these flight attendants would be our ambassadors for both the company and the country ,” said Managing Director and CEO of Fiji Airways, Stefan Pichler.

The New Airbus A330 (Fiji Airways - Namuka-i-Lau)

The New Airbus A330 (Fiji Airways – Namuka-i-Lau)

Meanwhile, the 20 new flight attendants will be undergoing training for the next eight weeks in which they will learn some of the detailed responsibilities they would have to play as a flight attendant.

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