Fiji Beverage Group to promote healthier more active lifestyles


Members of the newly formed Fiji Beverage Group (FBG) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to support healthy active lifestyles for people in Fiji, which was signed in August 2013.

In response to Government calls for the food industry to take actions to reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), the FBG was formed and members have worked together to set a course of action that will encourage healthy beverage consumption habits for people in Fiji.

Member companies of the FBG represent over 85% of the non-alcoholic beverages manufactured in Fiji and include Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji, Tappoo Group of Companies, Motibhai Group of Companies, Frezco Beverages Ltd and Pinto Beverages Ltd.

The undertakings outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding are designed to support healthy, active lifestyles for all Fijians. Approaches that the FBG members will adopt include introducing new low kJ beverages, ensuring a range of smaller pack size options, exploring reformulation opportunities, and investing in initiatives that promote no and low energy beverages and healthy living.

Lawrence Tikaram, National Manager, Convenience & Leisure, Coca-Cola Amatil says, “Our member companies are committed to doing our part to help promote active healthy lifestyles in the communities we operate.   We can do that by providing more great-tasting, low-kilojoule choices and ensuring they have availability and awareness, as well as developing proactive initiatives around things such as physical activity and nutrition education.  While the FBG members may compete on shelves, we’re united in our desire for a healthier Fiji.”

In addition, the FBG is committed to responsible sales and marketing; the group has agreed they will not directly market to children under the age of 12 years in any media or advertising, recognising the role of parents in ensuring their children have a healthy, balanced diet.

The FBG is committed to delivering on the MOU and will now begin the process of assessing their portfolios and practices to implement the agreed undertakings. An independent report will document the group’s achievements annually and after 3 years.

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