Fiji Cricket side moves into camp


The Fiji national cricket side preparing for the East Asia Pacific T20 World Cup qualifier will be moving into camp this coming Sunday as they prepare for the tournament in February.

The side will be based at the Studio 6 Hotel for the remainder 2 weeks before flying out on the 30th to Auckland.

The side will be captained again by Joe Rika and will be looking to do well as they prepare for the ever important World Cricket League Division 7 Competition scheduled to be played in Botswana from the 4th to the 14th of April.

The side were presented with their new Puma training attire thanks to sponsors Sport World and have been training at the Albert Park grounds working on improving their game.

“We’ve had a few months to prepare and everything is going to plan. We’ve concentrated on fitness over the last couple of months with a few aerobics and specialized fitness sessions organized by national coach Joeli Mateyawa. We’re now working on our game and skills set for the remainder of the preparations and the boys all seem fit and performing well on the pitch which is important”, Joe Rika said.

The national players have taken control of the weekly Suva Club Competition with all players performing consistently for their respective clubs each week. This should no doubt be a positive sign for the side preparing to take on the best of the region next month.

“Joeli (Mateyawa) has done a great job and the fitness levels are outstanding, we understand our strengths and if we stick to them we are sure we will do well and that is what we will be working on for the next 2 weeks”, Rika added.

The side leaves Fiji on the 30th of January and will play 2 warm up matches in Auckland before the tournament starts.

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