Fiji Crowned 7’s Champion


May 18, 2015. As the showers of confetti covered the grounds at Twickenham bringing the closure to the 2014-15 World Rugby 7s Series, cheers of jubilation and fireworks erupted all across the country for Vodafone Fiji 7s team as they reigned superior above all others on the circuit.

Ten years since Fiji last won the IRB series, we are the undisputed champions of 7’s rugby once more.

Vodafone Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer, Pradeep Lal said, the euphoria of the wins echoes in every Fijians heart and words are not enough to share the sentiments of how proud we are, as sponsors of the National 7’s Team.

To win the 7’s IRB series in the very first year after our return as FRU sponsors after a lapse of 9 years is truly a magnificent feeling. This is a good omen for our sponsorship partnership with FRU.  With the 15’s Rugby World Cup scheduled later this year and Olympic Games next year, the IRB 7’s win sets a firm foundation to build on the winning performance, said Mr. Lal

“This was Vodafone’s aspirations in February 2014 when we partnered with the consortium of companies to sponsor Fiji Rugby. Now, we are now bearing  the fruits of our unprecedented  millions of dollars of investment into the sport that ignites the passion in every Fijian and unites the nation like no other.  We are proud to share the winning feeling with every Fijian who love our rugby and country.

Having qualified for the Olympics, the Vodafone 7’s team now have the chance to win  the first ever Olympic  gold medals for the country and in doing so become the immortals to register their names in the annals of Fijian sporting history. .

Vodafone Fiji is  extremely proud to be the brand behind a powerful team and remains committed to supporting the sport to take it to even greater heights”.

On behalf of Vodafone and our consortium partners Fiji Airways, CJ Patel, HFC and TFL and our dedicated fans we congratulate the team, coach Ben Ryan and the officials for a job well done; VINAKA VAKALEVU for making  every Fijian proud of our achievements.

The tremendous success is  a result of the hard working board and management, absolute commitment by coach Ben Ryan with the utmost dedication and sacrifice by our boys.

The whole of Fiji with Vodafone and its consortium of partners await  the return of our heroes to a grand fiesta upon their return on Thursday.

It’s been a long season and we would like to  reward and recognize the players in the best way possible.  As we look in earnest  to the road to  Rio Olympics, 2016, Vodafone Fiji   hopes to be the ladder to support  the team in flying  Fijian flag at its highest ever.

Let the celebrations begin.




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