Fiji Day Celebrations brings Hype by Nadi Business Communities

Caption: Staff and customers of Nadi Handicraft Center shouting out ‘Kaila’ after singing the National Anthem of the country.Photo: ASHTOSH SINGH. 


Business communities in Nadi; mainly Jack’s of Fiji and Nadi Handicraft Centre with its staff and public today took the stand to salute the Fijian Flag and honor the country by singing the National Anthem in front of their shops.


Jack’s of Fiji Staff and members singing the National Anthem to mark Fiji Day Celebrations. Photo:ASHTOSH SINGH.

“Singing the National Anthem brought tears in my eyes as it reminded me my school days back when I used to stand in the assembly every Friday to sing the marvelous tune, “said Ashneel Prakash a technician at the National Currency Register who stood by with the team of Jacks Fiji to mark the country’s 43rd year of Independence.

Pass by people and tourists and even the traffic also stopped in time to stand watch the joyful yet solemn moment as the humming of the tune ‘For ever more….ended with a smile’.

Assistant Marketing Manager for Jack’s of Fiji, Indra Ben said,” this is a annual norm for Jack’s of Fiji staff to sing the National Anthem of the country to mark the country’s independence outside all Jack’s of Fiji downtown stores.”

Jack's of Fiji Nadi Branch Staff in thier Fiji Day atire.Photo:ASHTOSH SINGH

Jack’s of Fiji Nadi Branch Staff in their Fiji Day look. Photo: ASHTOSH SINGH

With Lautoka also set to have its celebrations falling this Thursday as the 75th Inter-district Championship also opens proper at Lautoka’s Churchill Park together with the carnival organized by Fiji FA to mark 75years of Fijian Football in the country.

Nadi Handicraft Center staff and customers showcasing Fiji Day products.Photo: ASHTOSH SINGH

Nadi Handicraft Center staff and customers showcasing Fiji Day products.Photo: ASHTOSH SINGH

Nadi Handicraft Center’s Purchasing Officer, Zainall Dean said that this was the first time the company had organized an event like this.

“We the staff got up with the idea to sing the National Anthem and say the pledge, we have done this for the people, customers and for the country as a whole”

Meanwhile, Suva will be displaying some of the major events of the Independence Day celebrations with the March parade by the Fiji Military Forces at Albert Park where the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau would be the chief guest of the much awaited ceremony.



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