Fiji Development Bank Funds Financial Literacy in High Schools


About 36,000 secondary students in Fiji will be able to better and upgrade their financial skills as the FDB has given $73,548 for the much needed programme with the banks venture to educate young people about financial basics like budgeting, opening a savings account and starting a savings plan.

“It is important to provide financial literacy education to our young generation, “said FDB Chief Executive Officer Ratu Deve Toganivalu.

The two programmes that are being funded are Money Smart and Invest Smart and are taught under Commercial Studies in schools.

Mr Toganivalu also added that each year between 14,000 16,000 students benefit from the Money Smart programme while around 12,000 14,000 students benefit from Invest Smart programmes in the country.

Meanwhile, the Money Smart and Invest Smart Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Fiji Development Bank and the Ministry of Education today.

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