As part of efforts by the Fijian Government to sustain economic development through accessible and sufficient energy, the Department of Energy has adopted the Sustainable Energy Financing Project.

The Sustainable Energy Financing Project (SEFP) has been adopted by Fiji to reduce fuel importation & environment pollution and save money by converting electricity generation from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

This was relayed by Fiji’s Director for Energy Peceli Nakavulevu at the Pacific Regional and Energy and Transport Meeting which began today in Nadi.

“Promoting the use of solar, hydro or coconut oil fuel (alternative fuel for diesel generators) for lights or electricity generation and energy efficiency equipment’s to reduce your electricity bills, through the ‘Sustainable Energy Financing Project (SEFP)’ loan scheme Mr. Nakavulevu said.

“This program links people living in the rural areas with urban centres in terms of the ability to access bank accounts,” Mr. Nakavulevu said.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Electricity Authority is also working towards producing as much green energy in Fiji as possible.

FEA’s chief executive officer Mr Hasmukh Patel said the introduction of a diesel generator was necessary to cater for growing demands for electricity around the country.

“In fact while we develop renewable power stations, you still need to develop diesel to make sure that you are able to meet the increase in demand in electricity in Fiji. And that’s the reason FEA has decided to invest,” Mr. Patel said.

Mr Nakavulevu urged regional leaders present at the meeting to adopt the SEFP to make renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment more affordable for the people that need it most.

The week-long meeting will focus on other areas like transport, aviation and accessing Gas as a source of energy in the Pacific.



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