Fiji FA Announces Transition to Electronic Ticketing

Fiji FA CEO Bob Kumar. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD. 

The Fiji Football Association has announced that it will make a complete transition from cash to electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for all its games and events from the 1st of March this year.

It has chosen Vodafone and Epay to be their e-ticketing solution providers.  Both CJ Patel and Vodafone have recently signed a joint 5-year sponsorship deal with Fiji FA worth approximately $5m to support soccer at all levels in the country.

Fiji FA CEO Mr.Bob Kumar said, “we would like to bring about greater transparency and accountability in our revenue collection and reporting system. Globally, sports and event organizers are turning to the more secure and convenient electronic modes of payment offered through electronic ticketing. We would like to go the same way so that we can prevent leakages, pilferages and counterfeiting of tickets which has always been a concern for us.  We also wish to bring about greater control on tickets being reused, recycled and exchanged which a loss of revenue to the Association.

E-ticketing will provide greater control because the cards are not as easily passed from one person to the next.  Anyone found without a valid ticket could face a fine for cheating the system.

We will allow both cash and electronic payment using Vodafone’s M-PAiSA card so that patrons can make a gradual change and get used to the electronic ticketing system.

However, from March 1st onwards, we will only accept electronic payment through Vodafone M-PAiSA cards for entry to all Fiji FA sanctioned matches.

To assist towards the move to electronic tickets, Vodafone will also be setting up e-ticketing registration, card issuing and top up booths at match venues for those who may not have an  M-PAiSA cards to register and collect one.

Fiji FA has also agreed to give a discount on Skipper Tuna Fiji Sun National League game tickets as an introductory offer to those who use the M-PAiSA mode of payment.

“The move to e-ticketing will also ensure accurate and timely reporting of match revenues so that Fiji FA can better manage its finances, said Mr Kumar. 


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