Caption:Shown here are those involved in the training. (l-r) Andrew Kirkwood -Sydney Water A/General Manager Customer services
Iain Fairbairn – Sydney Water – Wastewater Product Manager
Rebecca Whiteside – NSW EPA
Aminiasi Qareqare – Ministry of Environment Fiji
Mitesh Baran – Water Authority of Fiji
Lyn Almario – Asian Development Bank. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Sydney Water is assisting the Water Authority of Fiji to help create a framework to better manage environmental compliance as well as manage the discharge of industrial wastewater.

Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) CEO Opetaia Ravai said that engineers from WAF and from the Ministry of Environment are now in Sydney to train with Sydney Water.

Mr. Ravai said that both the Ministry and WAF hope to establish a realistic operational framework that is appropriate for Fiji and minimise the impact on the environment by better managing environmental compliance.

“We are seeking the best combination of treatment technology and the applicability of appropriate discharge standards that would be more economical to the country.”

He said that WAF was also looking at the “best way to manage the discharge of industrial wastewater into our sewerage networks.”

“Sydney Water has an excellent track record in building relationships with its environmental regulator. We see this as a benchmark for establishing our governance framework and management systems in Fiji.

“In addition, Sydney Water’s trade waste management policies provides an excellent framework on which to structure Fiji’s policies to gain the best outcomes.”

Andrew Kirkwood, General Manager Customer Services at Sydney Water said, “When the Water Authority of Fiji approached us we were more than happy to assist.

“Not only are we helping a water utility in a developing country, but it is a great acknowledgement that we are world-class in the development of constructive relationships with our regulators and industrial customers. It is also an acknowledgement of the depth of knowledge and expertise our staff has developed over the years.

“We hope we can share this knowledge so that Fiji becomes adept and efficient in their management of urban water and wastewater management”, said Mr. Kirkwood.

This is the second international mentoring relationship that Sydney Water has been involved with.

In 2013/14 they worked with EdaRanu, the water utility for Port Moresby, New Guinea as they established a water quality laboratory.

Both the New Guinea and Fiji collaborations have been undertaken as part of the Asian Development Bank’s Water Operators Partnership Scheme.

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