Fiji motorbike company visit HOG’s Rally NZ

CAPTION:  Anand Achari, owner of Westside Motorbike Rentals meet up with Mr. Davidson, great grandson of William A. Harley on the 110th Harley Davidson Motorcycles celebration. Photo: SUPPLIED.


The Auckland Chapter marked the Harley 110th anniversary celebration with a big rally in New Zealand recently.

Thousand of dedicated motorbike riders from around the world met up from February 14 – 17 to ride and share their passion for motorbikes.

Anand Achari, owner of Westside Motorbike Rentals and a proud Harley owner happened to meet up with Mr. Davidson in person who is the great grandson of legendary William A. Harley.

Mr Davidson informed Achari that the first Harley motorcycle was built in 1903.

The event also marked the 30th anniversary of the Harley Owners School. There are six HOG (Harley Owner Group) Chapters in New Zealand with over 3500 members.

Achari and other members of the Viti Motorcycle Club (Fiji) told everyone they interacted with to visit Fiji.

“Fiji is renowned for our friendly people, great places and a perfect holiday paradise,” Ma Achari told his new found friends.

“So let’s welcome all the motorbike enthusiasts to explore our islands of Fiji – where happiness finds you and send a big BULA SMILE over to the 2013 HOG’s Rally.”

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