Sports Minister Viliame Naupoto. File Photo.

The Fiji National Sports Commission is hosting an Annual Conference for the National Sporting Organisations at the De Vos on the Park, Suva this Saturday 22nd March, 2014.

The purpose of this conference is to have and open discussion with all sporting organisation to identify and work out solutions issues surrounding each organizations. The topics of discussion will be from sports development, assisting SO’s in developing plans, constitutional responsibilities, executive transparency and accountability and safety in sports.

The sporting organizations will have an opportunity for questions and answers which will be through panel of discussions from stakeholders such as Dr Robyn Mitchell from the Oceania National Olympic Committee, Mr Reg Sandy from FASANOC, Cathy Wong and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

They will also have the chance to know how the grants and fund are allocated through guidelines that will also be discussed by the FNSC executives.

Also will be present at the conference will be legal experts who will talk about Constitutional Responsibilities and Executive Accountabilities. This are all important aspects that each sports organization should take heed to avoid conflicts between sports administrators.

These are all issues we believe that are lacking within most sporting organizations and with formal discussion as such we hope there will be accountability and transparency within each organizations, said Mr Peter Mazey, Chief Executive Officer Fiji National Sports Commission.

Mr Mazey said that with regular conferences, workshops and trainings the Commission is hoping that it will help different sporting organization to achieve its objective in its day to day operations.

At the end of the conference, the commission is confident that each sporting organisation will be filled with constructive information that will help them to well establish its organization.

The chief guest at the conference will be the Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr Viliame Naupoto. The conference will begin at 8am with registration of participants.


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