Fiji Police Force News Update 04.02.13


The Commissioner of Police has issued a directive for an increase in the presence of women officers throughout the divisions in all areas of operation.

This is part of a strategy to fight crimes against women and children which is on the rise.

The strategy is envisaged to help women and children feel safe when out in major towns and cities. Women officers will also be deployed for the community policing initiatives in the hope that the message of keeping our women and children safe is a real issue.

It has also been noted that women feel more confident in the presence of women officers and it is hoped this will help in fighting the issue.

The Fiji Police wants women to feel safe and noting the increase in sexual offences crimes we are mindful that there might have reservations about their level of security in particular in public areas.

This is a proactive step that the Fiji Police is taking in monitoring the safety of women and children in urban and rural areas.

However there is still a need for more community effort in combating sexual offences as it has been noted that these crimes are being committed in homes and rural communities where officers do not necessarily have easy access to.

There is still a need for people, organisations and groups to work hand in hand with Police. It’s no longer an issue where we should be shifting the blame as to who should shoulder the responsibility but be working together to find solutions as to why these crimes are being committed.



Members of the public are once again being advised that their respective Divisional Police Commanders (DPC) are available two days a week to hear any grievances they may have against the Fiji Police Force and its services.

A directive was issued last month by the Commissioner of Police whereby DPC’s are to allocate two days in a week throughout the divisions to tend to complaints against the Fiji Police Force.

Our officers are here to serve which is why this directive will see all our DPC’s as well as the Commanding Officer Central (CO) dedicate every Monday and Thursday to discuss issues of concern that their community members may have.

The reduction of Complaints against Police and Complaints against Service is a contentious issue which the Police Force continues to battle and as such this is one way which the head of force believes will help solve the problem.

The DPC’s and CO Central will on these two days open their offices from 9am to 2pm and sit down and have one on one sessions with those that may have complaints against our service or police officers, because these really are issues that should be dealt with at the Divisional level.

If for some reason the DPC’s are not available then the onus is on them to make sure that their Deputy’s are available.

DPC South – 9904 289

DPC North – 9905 808

DPC West – 9905 216

DPC East – 9905 846

CO Totogo – 9905 275



The issue highlighted by the Suva Retailers Association President Mr Himmat Lodhia is one that has been dealt with by officers in the Central Division.

The two cases filed by Mr Lodhia have been dealt with as the two suspects for both reports have been apprehended.

We had seen the footage of the incidents however the investigation process must be given time to be conducted thoroughly and it’s not an issue of inaction as stated.

As for the issue of a surge in organised shoplifting in the city, the Police Force did record an increase in shoplifting crimes during the festive season.


Police are searching for a 34 year old man of Tabewa village, Rabi who has been missing at sea since 2/2/13.

The 34 year old had gone fishing on a blue wooden canoe about 8 ft in length and when he failed to return his wife went to enquire with their relatives but with negative results.

A report was received at the Rabi community post this morning and officers from the Rabi community post and Tukavesi Police Station are continuing the search with the help of villagers.

This was highlighted during awareness campaigns as it was projected throughout the divisions that robbery related crimes are usually on the rise during this period.

The Police Force stands ready to assist in curbing these sorts of crimes however we need assistance in doing so through the proper lodgments of reports so we can investigate these matters.




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