Hon.Minister for Health and Medical Service  Jone Usamate and ROK Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hon. Choi Younghyun following the signing. PHOTO:SUPPLIED



The Fiji Ministry of Health has signed a five-year memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea.


Fijian Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate was very happy that a formal understanding has been sealed between the two counties which would further strengthen cooperation in the fields of healthcare and medical services.


“We’re very glad that we can have this formal understanding because we already have some programs with entities here in ROK like Seoul National University (SNU) and Hanwha Corporation that’s helping us with some of our programs. And the fact that we can have an overarching MOU with the Government of Korea is something that we’re very grateful for and we look forward to good things emanating from this MOU,” he said.


The MOU now enables development of cooperation in public health policy, health resources, public health management, health delivery systems including primary health care, drug and healthcare research, traditional medicine, medical tourism, health promotion, health insurance and any other areas of mutual interest that may be jointly decided upon by both countries.


In response, Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination of the Ministry of Health and Welfare ROK, Mr Choi Younghyun said the Korean Government is happy to share its health sector development model with Fiji.


“We know that the Government of Fiji has high expectations for this MOU and the Korean Government has the same. We pledge to expand the sharing of knowledge between the two countries and also other cooperation programs,” he said.


Deputy Minister Choi said the establishment of the working group through the MOU will among other things ensure the two countries exchange experts and medical specialists in order to exchange knowledge and improve their qualifications, as well as to carry out joint activities in the priority areas of the two countries.


Hon. Minister Usamate again thanked the ROK government for its willingness to assist Fiji in building knowledge and capacity saying, “there is great opportunity for everybody and we look forward to the sharing of knowledge especially for us small island developing countries.”


The Fiji Government was represented at the signing by the Minister Usamate, Ambassador Filimone Kau, Deputy secretary Public Health Services Dr. Eric Rafai and Fiji embassy officials.

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