Trade between Fiji and its partners have increased at unprecedented levels with the Government recording an increase in volume.


This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade, Shaheen Ali recently in Nadi at an event hosted by logistics company DHL.


“Investments amongst others have resulted in Fiji expanding its trading horizon, in the past eight years we have more trading partners than ever before and we are experiencing one of the best economic growth cycles since independence,” PS Ali said.


“Fiji has had five consecutive years of growth. With this year’s forecast of 4.3 percent, we will for the first time in history have an average growth of four percent in three consecutive years.”


PS Ali added that in keeping with the vision of an inclusive approach towards building an internationally competitive economy, the Hon. Prime Minister last month launched the Fijian Trade Policy Framework which would further strengthen Fiji as a regional trading hub.


The Framework recognizes communication, transportation and logistics as important components for creating a modern economy.


PS Ali said that Government was investing in such areas and urged companies such as DHL and others to capitalize on this growth and continue to increase investment in Fiji and expand its services in the region and the world, while maintaining Fiji as a hub.




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