Fire destroys house, kills one

National Fire Authority (NFA) is again urging the members of the community to seek professional counseling and help to try and resolve their family dispute and not resort to setting properties on fire to solve domestic issues.

In the early hours of this morning, a domestic dispute involving a couple caused a house fire which has also resulted in the death of a man.

NFA Ba received a property fire call at 0855hrs at Field 28 in Rarawai Housing Settlement in Ba. Upon arrival at 0908hrs, the fire team saw the three bedroom concrete house fully engulfed in flames.

Firefighters fought hard to extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading to the nearby houses in this housing settlement in Ba. NFA firefighters also tried hard to safely rescue the victim but were unsuccessful.


The fire also put six other houses at risk of catching fire.

This house fire incident has increased the number of property fires to 27 so far this year and has resulted in second fire death for 2013.

NFA’s preliminary investigations have indicated that it is possible that the 62 year old man had intentionally poured kerosene on himself and the property before chasing his wife out of the property, locking the house from the inside and setting himself and the property on fire.

CEO John O’Connor has highlighted NFA’s concern on the deliberate setting of properties on fire.

“This year NFA has attended to six deliberately lit or arson fire cases which has become a concern to the NFA as this has put the lives of other family members at risk.

“Our plea to the members of the community is to refrain from starting fires as fire is the most dangerous disaster that is hard to stop when it starts.

“People should never start fires with the intention to harm themselves because they are compromising the safety and wellbeing of their family members, their properties and other members of the community,” Mr. O’Connor said.

“Setting fire to one’s property is not the solution to any problems and our humble plea to all members of the community is to refrain from resorting to the means of fire related activities such as burning their home and setting themselves on fire.

Mr O’Connor is urging members of the community to seek professional guidance when facing such problems.


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