Fire sparks warning

National Fire Authority (NFA) is again reminding the members of the community to take extra care to avoid fire incidents from happening in their homes.

NFA attended to two residential fire incidents which is a concern for the NFA.

At 12.27pm on Friday afternoon, NFA Sigatoka responded to a fire call at Olosara in Sigatoka.

Upon arrival at the fire scene at 12.31pm, the fire crew saw the house fully engulfed in flames.

The fire crew extinguished the fire and saved the master bedroom of this nine bedroom concrete structured house and stopped the fire from spreading to the nearby houses in this area.

The owner had complained that the NFA arrived late which the NFA CEO John O’Connor said that it is not true based on the facts.

“NFA arrived at the fire scene in four minutes after receiving the fire emergency call at 12.27pm and NFA’s quick response prevented the fire from destroying a master bedroom of this nine bedroom house and also stop the fire from spreading to the nearby houses in this area,” Mr O’Connor said.

Mr O’Connor highlighted that fire fighting was difficult due to very strong winds.

Mr O’Connor also highlighted that the fire authority utilized the hydrant near the Fiji Gas Depot, but the pressure was initially low, but was later boosted by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF).

NFA investigation revealed that the cause of this house fire was unattended cooking.

In Nadi, quick response from NFA prevented a fire from destroying a house at the CAAF Compound in Namaka, Nadi.


NFA Nadi received the fire emergency call at 9.45am and immediately responded. Upon arrival at 9.52am, the firefighters saw the smoke coming from the garage and maids quarters.

Fire Crew managed to save the three bedroom house by quickly utilizing water from its tank supply to extinguish the fire.

The suspected cause of this fire was a mosquito coil.

Mr O’Connor said members of the public must take fire safety seriously and always practice good housekeeping practices to minimize the chance of a fire occurring.

“NFA is again pleading with members of the community to totally change their attitude to fire safety and not assume that a fire will not happen to them. Fires can be controlled and it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure fire safety in their homes to ensure the safety of their property and families.


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