Five men arrested for taxi theft


Seven men are in police custody at the Totogo Police Station for allegations of aggravated robbery on Sunday morning.

Police Spokesman, Atunaisa Sokomuri said the five were arrested after items stolen from two taxis were from them, as they were also alleged to have robbed two taxis after hiring it from Suva and assaulting the driver in Edenville, Toorak.

“Four of the men threatened a taxi driver with a pen knife before robbing him of a taxi meter and $80 cash,” he said.

Meanwhile, three other men robbed a 22 year-old taxi driver of Eight miles of a taxi meter and $350 cash.

Sokomuri also said they are again appealing to members of the community to respect service providers like taxi drivers as they are providing a service to the community.

The suspects hired the taxis from a night club in Suva.

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