CAPTION: FNPF CEO Mr Aisake Taito and PS Social Welfare Mr Govind Sami at the MOU signing.


The Fiji National Provident Fund today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Social Welfare in support of Government’s newly introduced Social Pension Scheme.

The pension scheme is scheduled to begin this year.

The permanent secretary for the Ministry, Mr Govind Sami and the FNPF chief executive officer, Mr Aisake Taito sealed the deal that will authorise the two agencies to share information pertaining to pensioners.

Mr Sami said this deal will prevent double dipping as Government will be giving a pension of $30 per month to all those above 70 and not receiving any form of superannuation.

“We are aware that there are people who have taken lump sum payment and already members of FNPF who are getting their pensions,” he said.

“We would like to ensure that these people who are getting assistance are not double dipping with the ministry in terms of the pension.”

He revealed that they have since received 700 applications following the budget announcement in November 2012.

FNPF will be identifying a list of all individuals who currently have access to superannuation or any pension scheme.

This list confirms to the Ministry of Social Welfare whether the applicants qualify to fall in the social pension category.

“In terms of that we are extremely grateful to FNPF for entering into the agreement with us so that we can provide assistance to the greatest number of the neediest people who qualify in this category,” Mr Sami said.

There are approximately 6000 people who are getting FNPF and government pension and these are the people that FNPF and the Ministry will screen to avoid double dipping.

There are approximately 9000 people from the Ministry’s social pension project who will be receiving $30 per month.


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