FNU assists in set-up of Clinic

Caption: Reproductive health trainers during the opening of the centre. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Fiji National University’s College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences donated $10,000 worth of educational and training equipment towards the setting up of the Women’s Wellness Centre.

The Centre, which was previously known as the Oxfam Clinic, underwent went major refurbishment and transformed into a modern facility which will provide women from Suva and surrounding areas access to all areas of women’s health.

Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma opened the facility located at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

Dr Sharma said the newly-commissioned centre would provide a central hub for areas of women’s health incorporating advocacy on family life, on women’s sexual and reproductive health, family planning, cancer screening and counselling services.

He said health system reforms and strengthening in the past five years have taken monumental leaps in Fiji.

According to the Minister the previous system was fragile with all components in areas of human resource, technology, infrastructure and pharmaceutical and medical consumable supplies in dire straits.

International Women’s Association (IWA) president, Caroline Rouse, said they decided to lend a helping hand after visiting the clinic for the first time and met dedicated staff who worked tirelessly in challenging conditions.

Apart from assistance from FNU, the association was able to raise $83,000 via a charity ball as well as receive support from donors in form of money, labour and building materials.

“An investment in promoting healthy mothers is an investment in the wellbeing of the family and the community making the real value of a project like this immeasurable,” Ms Rouse said.



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