(L-R) Deputy Director Curriculum Advisory Services Lusiana Fotofili , Acting Head for School of Education  Hem Chand and Dean of the College of Humanities and Education Dr Eci Nabalarua.


The Ministry of Education Curriculum Advisory services in partnership with Fiji National University’s School of Education had held a strategy improvement based two-day workshop (12-13 March, 2014)

“We need to ensure that the partnership between CAS and SOE is sustainable and fully functional by professional, proactive, people centered, participatory, service oriented individuals,”said Fiji National University’s Dean of College of Humanities and Education Doctor Eci Nabalarua.

Doctor Nabalarua added that Fiji’s changing socio-economic culture and political landscape required teachers to perceive themselves as strategic mainstream tools in terms of the crucial roles they play in influencing appropriate policy changes in the national curriculum thus stemming into the teacher education programs and shedding more light on the need for budget transparency.

“We prepared a Budget Proposal to develop the syllabi from the NCF and the resources to support it. We need to increase the manpower at the Curriculum Development Unit, empower the officers within to contract the writers and use quality assurance processes to improve the quality of resources.

“The Fiji National Curriculum Framework provides the pathway and it ensures that our children have the right skills and competencies to take on the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century, “said Ministry of Education Deputy Director Curriculum Advisory Services Lusiana Fotofili.

Participants of the workshop were advised to improve current strategies that were being used in the ground work of English proficiency and knowledge as the current state of English language skills was poor.



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