Foreign Minister Pato Shares PNG Perspective with G20 Ministers


Speaking at the recent Dinner for Foreign Ministers of G20 Nations, Papua New Guinea’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Rimbink Pato OBE LLB MP, presented the nation’s perspective on a number global economic engagement issues affecting Pacific Island States.

As part of his intervention, he proposed a more effective means for communication and the sharing of information between G20 states and developing nations.

The Foreign Minister Pato attended the G20 Foreign Ministers’ dinner at the invitation of Australia’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Julie Bishop MP.

“In discussion with Foreign Minister counterparts, I elaborated on Papua New Guinea’s engagement with close regional partners to ensure collective attention on significant challenges,” the Minister said following the meeting.

“This included discussion of collaborative efforts with Papua New Guinea’s close partners Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand to combat terrorism associated with transnational crime.

“This includes the terrible issues of human trafficking and people smuggling in the Asia-Pacific.

“I further shared Papua New Guinea’s perspective on sustainable development issues relating to matters such as climate change, and preparations to deal with Ebola if it was to ever be detected in Papua New Guinea.

“It was a frank and open discussion in which I appreciated the insight provided by G20 Foreign Ministers, and I feel the Papua New Guinea and Pacific Island perspective was enlightening to my counterparts.”

Minister Pato advised that developing countries were looking to tangible outcomes from the G20 Leaders Meeting on sensitive development issues.

“Many of the economic issues to being considered by G20 Leaders have a direct impact on Papua New Guinea and developing economies in the Pacific.

“Papua New Guinea has recommended that G20 could adopt some practices from the APEC process where ministers meet and provide recommendations to Leaders.

“The proposal was well received by ministers and endorsed by Indonesia’s new Foreign Minister, Retno L.P. Marsudi.

“Papua New Guinea appreciates being invited to speak at this event for G20 ministers and sharing views that are representative of the interests and aspirations of developing economies around our Pacific region.”


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