The Fijian Government continues to assist eligible families who lost their homes in fires this year.

This morning the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment, Hon. Parveen Kumar presented a cheque of $5000 each to four families whose homes were destroyed by fire this year.

Minister Kumar said the government assistance of $20,000 for the four families is part of the Emergency Assistance for Fire Victims which is sourced from a national budgetary allocation of $1million for this year.

He said the financial assistance will help the families rebuild their homes and lives.

“We sympathise with the families for what they have lost and we also thank them for their patience. There was delay in the processing but this morning we have distributed the cheques to the recipients,” Minister Kumar said.

The four recipients include Ateca Adi Tukana of Kalabu Housing, Sarwan Kumaran Sami of Nadera, Rajeshwar Rai of Olosara in Sigatoka and Sudesh Prasad of Naselai, Bau.

Minister Kumar said the Housing Department worked closely with the National Fire Authority and the Fiji Police Force in identifying beneficiaries.

This assistance, administered by the Department of Housing, is given to those fire victims whose annual income is less than $50,000 and who have a residential lease with no house insurance.

Meanwhile, the first batch of six families was assisted under the Emergency Assistance for Fire Victims on 26th March, 2015.

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