FRU Acknowledges Fiji Water’s Continued Support as Official Supplier


The Fiji Rugby Union today acknowledged Fiji Water’s continued support as its official supplier
for aerated water.

“Recent public narratives about FRUs’ involvement with another water company are not
correct” FRU CEO Mr. Tabualevu clarified today.

There is a working relationship with a company that owns a water product; but it is for other good and service. It is not to be misconstrued to mean that we are partners over their water product.

FRU CEO Radrodro Tabualevu commented that “Water is an essential component of high
performance for elite athletes and is very expensive when you have five teams participating in
international tournaments year round.

Fiji Water’s sponsorship is therefore important not only for the performance of the teams but also the sustainability of the FRU.

“We have for example been able to supply mandatory water requirements for touring teams
that come in to play. The World Rugby Pacific Cup that was held in Fiji in March was a prime
example of the importance of having dependable partners like Fiji Water” stated

“Fiji Water is the official sponsor for the Fiji Rugby Union and that it is valued greatly by the
Rugby Fraternity in Fiji” Mr. Tabualevu reiterated.


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