Future Youth of Tonga learns ‘the Value of Youth and Peace’


The Youth Empowerment Workshop (YEPW) was held on February 18th at St. Francis of Assisi Primary School. The workshop, organized by the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), was held under the theme of “The Value of Youth and Peace”, involving 40 students from the Class 6 of the Francis of Assisi Primary School.

Students writing down acrostic poem with the word ‘PEACE’

 The students had time to experience that peace, seemingly impossible, but has an answer to achieve, and that peace would not come if we do not move by playing some games such as popping balloons and flipping over black and white cards. Ms. Suhn Park, an IPYG volunteer, said, “By flipping over the black and white cards, students can experience that peace is not irrelevant to us and if we stay still, peace will not be made.”

Catherine Hosman, an English teacher at the Francis of Assisi Primary School, said, “Children could have a good time through unconventional activities today. I thank IPYG for providing good programs.” Among the students who participated in the workshop, Tevita said, “I thought there was a change in my perspective through the workshop. After this workshop I will be a nice person and help my friends.”

Students holding the survey paper after writing down their impression

Students participating in the YEPW workshop

Ms. Branda Choi, General Director of IPYG Eastern Seoul & Gyeonggi Branch, said, “IPYG is aiming to cultivate the values ​​of peace and humanity through YEPW in order to foster youth in each country as messengers of peace.” The workshop was especially tailored to the eyes of the children and is meaningful in that the children, the future of a country, can learn and experience peace values in advance ​​through YEPW.”

The International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), which works with 851 organizations in 111 countries as an affiliated organization of HWPL, an international peace NGO, has been holding the YEPW workshop programs to educate the value of peace to the youth who lives in the community and to foster peace talented youth.

Students joining a game popping a balloon

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