Go the extra mile: Commissioner Ben

Police Officers who will be undergoing Corporals Qualifying Course (CQC) were urged to go the extra mile in the course of their duty.

Police Commissioner Bernadus Groenewald while opening the month long CQC course at the Fiji Police Force Academy this morning said all Officers in the organization should be prepared to go the extra mile.

While the Commissioner acknowledged the officers who are qualified to attend the course, he reminded them that they are full time Police Officers and the government pays them for their services after hours.

The participants were also reminded the importance of their individual families.

“Even though you are a Police Officer, please remember that at the same time you are a Father, a Mother and you play an important role in your family so take quality time to spend with your loved ones,” said Commissioner Bernadus.

He stressed the nature of the work of a Police Officer requires them to be away from their families on most occasions so he urged them to find suitable family time during their hectic career.








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