Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua says achieving government’s plan is a priority for the Fiji Police Force.

Speaking to participants at the Police Community Policing symposium at the Fiji Police Academy, Brig-Gen Naivalurua said Government’s plan since 2009 has been very clear that is to grow Fiji in all aspects that are economically and also politically.

He told the participants that it is everyone’s duty to see that the right environment is created for the plan to be achieved.

He added that idea of community policing is nothing new.

‘Its’ all about attitude, – you need new attitude , a change of attitude , the right attitude , positive attitude and collective attitude in order for changes to happen,’ he said.

Brig- Gen Naivalurua said the key factor here is attitude.

The symposium will ends on Friday afternoon.

-Media Release

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