Fijians living on Rotuman were this morning reminded of Government’s commitment of raising their living standards and creating more wealth for the people.


In officiating at the Rotuma Day celebrations at Ahau Government station this morning, Assistant Minister for Agriculture, National Disaster Management and Rural and Maritime Development Hon Joeli Cawaki said that Government would continue to identify further development opportunities and intend to capitalise on them.


“We are delighted to say that Government has improved the roads around the island; improved the Oinafa Jetty; repaired and upgrade the Rotuma airport; have started to build a new Rotuma hospital and also boosted a number of Government services such as Immigration, Customs, Biosecurity and the Ports Authority to enable Rotuma to become a recognised port of entry into Fiji,” Hon Cawaki said.


“Therefore we urge you to take advantage of the opportunities and be part of Government’s vision in setting the platform for a knowledgeable and prosperous society and of course also mean a smarter Rotuma,” he said.


He said with the island’s rich and volcanic soil, there is a lot of potential in the agriculture sector and they need to increase production and higher yields.


“We also need to improve food security and do everything we can to boost the current export with Tuvalu. Furthermore we need to get produce destined to the Fijian mainland and to the market place quicker.”


He also urged the people of Rotuma to work honestly and diligently in whatever they do and remain committed to serving Fiji to the best of their ability.

Press Release

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