Government through the Labour Ministry has recovered a total of $39,477.65 as arrears of wages for 51 workers of a prominent island resort.

Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment Mr. Jone Usamate (pictured above) highlighted that the employer came to a settlement after stringent measures were taken by the Ministry.

Minister Usamate said that the employer was fined a total of $5,000 as fixed penalty notice and also was banned from leaving the country from September, 2013.

“The employer has agreed and has paid the settlement amount to the ministry for the 51 workers and as a result he was allowed to leave the country on the 25th of February, 2014,” said the Minister.

“On that agreement, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the employer of the prominent resort for forthcoming in prevailing social justice through the settlement of claims to its workers as per the requirements of our current labour laws,”  said Usamate.

“We are very mindful of the important role that investors and employers play, in providing meaningful employment for our people and in generating economic growth and at the same time we are always mindful that employees must be given their right dues,” he adds.

The Minister encourages all employers to pay what is rightfully owed to the workers as they are the source of wealth in a workplace and also to ensure that good faith employment relations is maintained at all times.

The Minister urged all employees to also give their very best for their employers so that their workplaces may be as productive as possible.

The Ministry is currently arranging for a date to present these cheques to the 51 workers of the prominent island resort.


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