Government is urging the public to remain vigilant and be on alert this week following weather advisories regarding continuous rainfall which is likely to bring about flash flooding.

Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith Johns this afternoon reiterated the importance of monitoring advisories issued by the Nadi weather office and called on the public to ensure the safety and well-being of their families.

“Government’s first priority is the safety of all Fijians therefore parents and guardians are urged to closely monitor their children and make sure that they are well supervised at all times. This has not been a good year for drowning cases so, let me say again that parents and guardians must keep children away from drains, rivers and creeks. Adults as role models should also not venture into flood waters, we cannot overstate the dangers during flooding,” PS Smith-Johns said.

“The weather forecast for the week has predicated long periods of rainfall with some parts of Fiji are already experiencing  flash flooding in low lying and flood prone areas”.

“Government cannot stress enough the urgency behind these warnings and the public need to put safety first”.

Ms Smith Johns said that those living in flood prone areas should already be prepared for any possible flooding as we now have time to prepare for any eventuality.

“Farmers and those in the agricultural sector should already be making preparations now if it looks like crops in low lying areas might be affected.

“It’s important that everyone listens to the radio and is constantly updated on the events this week”.

The Nadi Weather Office has indicated that a heavy rain warning for the whole of the Fiji Group remains in force.



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