The Ministry of Health & Medical Services remains committed to addressing cancer, a non-communicable disease and is encouraging members of the public to visit the nearest health facilities for cancer screenings.

Early detection of cancer is important as this increase the chances for successful treatment.

In Fiji, it has been noted that cancer is the third most common cause of death in Fiji.

Statistics reveal that in women breast, cervix, uterus, ovary and rectum cancer is common. While in men cancers such as prostate, liver, rectum and lung cancer are the leading cause of death.

World Cancer Day which will be marked on today with the theme “Not Beyond Us”, will highlight the need for people to understand that early detection and prevention is possible.

To mark this global theme, the Namaka Reproductive Health Baby clinic at Civil Aviation compound in Nadi, will be providing free pap smears, breast examinations and awareness on cancer.

Those living in this area are advised to make use of this free service.

The Health Ministry and Government have plans in place for the development of a Cancer hospital with international donor partners in the future. The proposed hospital will contain necessary radiotherapy facilities which will reduce the number of overseas referrals ensuring cost savings for patients and the Fijian Government.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry remains committed towards the reduction of cancer morbidity and mortality, improving the survival rates of cancer cases and improving the quality of life of cancer victims.



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