APSH with public health managers after opening.Photo:SUPPLIED.


The health of the Fijian people will depend on the strength of the public health.


These were the comments by the Acting Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services Dr Meciusela Tuicakau whilst officially opening the mid-year Public Health Manager’s Meeting this morning.


The theme for the mid-year Public Health Meeting 2015 is raising the bar and building seamless connections. Public health must continue to take the first step to promoting wellness and well-being. It is critical that public health works together with clinical health and other key stakeholders to raise the bar in both health care settings.


In order to build seamless connections, the Health Ministry cannot do everything on its own and will need to expand partnership to collaborate with clinicians, city planners, education official, public, private, communities, and profit organizations, who all have an impact towards health.


“I encourage you all to be vigilant in your areas of responsibilities, be more energised to execute and raise the bar for efficient and quality delivery of health care services,” Dr Tuicakau said.


The Ministry also continues to receive interest from different parts of the globe.


“With all the programs and activities we must not lose focus on the disease burden, prevention, control, management and health promotion as well as the need for universal health coverage, health in all policies and SDGs”, Dr Tukana added.


“I emphasize that you are all important players in the public health team, thus you all must be on the same level of understanding the Ministry’s vision and mission and how you can contribute towards achieving this,” Dr Tuicakau said.


The two day meeting will also reflect on the performance on the Ministry in the last 6 months and will foster collective efforts towards the achievement of the Ministry’s strategic direction.


The mid-year public health meeting is currently held at the Shangri-la Fijian Resort & Spa Sigatoka.

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