Divisional Planning Officer Northern Alipate Bolalevu.Photo:SUPLLIED.


Better health services and roads were amongst the many requests from Valelawa Settlement One and Two at the National Development Plan consultation at Ahmadiya Secondary School last night.

Divisional Planning Officer Northern Alipate Bolalevu, who was part of the consultation team, acknowledged the large turnout of the members of the public to the consultation.

“We understand that some of you have other work to do but you also must understand that these meetings are for your future,” Mr Bolalevu said.

Saukat Ali of Noca in Dreketi said there was a need to have a health center or nursing station in Valelawa due to the distance to the nearest health centers.

“It is too costly for us to travel to the Dreketi Health Centre and the Seaqaqa Health Centre given the distance,” Mr Ali said.

Valelawa Primary School Head Teacher Jagendra Prasad however requested the NDP team to consider the upgrading of Dreketi Health Centre into a hospital.

“Why not upgrade Dreketi Health Centre to a hospital with more nurses, doctors and services such as an ambulance to cater for the whole area,” Mr Prasad suggested.

Mr Prasad said comparing the population of the people to the medical services provided, more medical services were what they needed.

“We would need a bigger health team to cater for the population so the ratio of the population does not affect their community visit and services,” Mr Prasad added.

Mr Bolalevu said having better health services were the rights of the people.

“We will take note of your requests and it is good to hear that you as the citizen of this country are voicing your needs,” Mr Boalevu said.

Mr Prasad also raised the issue of upgrading rural farm roads.

“We need farm roads to be upgraded to ease transportation for school students and the five villages that are in this area.”

The NDP teams will be in the Macuata Province this week.

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