Hemant is Rotarian number one

CAPTION: Over to you mate…Krupesh Patel, left, congratulates Hemant Kumar on his appointment as the new president of the Rotary Club of Nadi. Photo: SUPPLIED.


The Rotary Club of Nadi has a new president.

Architect Hemant Kumar succeeds Krupesh Patel to lead this august club which has made the difference in the lives of thousands of people and helped numerous educational and charity organisations over the years.

At the changeover dinner on July 11 at the Sitar Restaurant, Mr Kumar mentioned that the biggest hurdle for the club was membership retention. He said there seems to be a resurgence of interest as a result of the great work carried out by the team led by Krupesh Patel in the last Rotary year.

Rotary Nadi has provided assistance for school children in Nadi and other areas and will continue with this program.

Another project to be executed will be the Buruwa Youth Memorial School toilet block. The school is located some 30 kilometres inland from Nadi.

The club intends to raise funds for such worthy causes with a golf tournament at the prestigious Natabola Bay Golf Club similar to what they did last year.

The club has also inducted Davishna Pillai as its newest member.

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