Hopgood lays challenge to the Nadroga Stallions

CAPTION: NRU Treasurer Manoa Veremalua, NRU President Tiko Matawalu, Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji General Manger Peter Hopgood and Resort Manager Russel Blaik with the cheque after the signing. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji General Manager Peter Hopgood has laid a challenge to the Nadroga Stallions rugby team to bring the coveted Farebrother Cup back home to Nadroga.

Mr Hopgood made these remarks at the signing of the $62, 690.00 sponsorship deal between the Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji and the Nadroga Rugby Union.

“Part of the sponsorship deal that we’ve brought in today is based on incentive, we’ve got our base match fees, the big chunky bits is when our team wins the Digicel and the Farebrother cup. So we’re putting a bit of responsibilities back to the players, you win the two cups, the sponsorship deal is a huge deal”, Mr Hopgood stated.

Whilst encouraging the players present at the signing Hopgood reminded them of their demi god status within the province as the champion team, “You’re heroes, you’re the guiding light to all these young boys. You know I say to all my friends when I go back home to Australia that there’s not a better sight in all of Fiji when you drive along the roads after school and you see the young boys out there in the plowed up paddocks, open grounds and throwing the rugby ball around and they all one day want to be a part of this fabulous Nadroga Stallions rugby team.”

Hopgood stated that the first 3 years of sponsorship has provided a wonderful Fijian experience for guests staying at the Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji. “Each week we were able to take between 40 and 60 guests to each game and the feedback was tremendous!”

“The publicity generated in Australia has been phenomenal! Many guests coming to the resort are now enquiring about the rugby games that will be played whilst they are on holidays!”

“Fiji rugby is the best in the world – fast, tough and entertaining! Why wouldn’t our guests want to come to the games?” Hopgood continued.

Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji as major sponsors of the stallions have full naming rights. The Stallions will be known as the Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji Nadroga Stallions in the 2013 season.

Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji captains the team of sponsors for the Nadroga Stallions in 2013. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Outrigger on the Lagoon ∙ Fiji captains the team of sponsors for the Nadroga Stallions in 2013. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Nadroga Rugby Union President and former Stallions captain Tiko Matawalu said they count the Outrigger as the captain of this ship in terms of sponsorship.

“We can say that these are your team members and Outrigger being the captain of the team of sponsors we are looking forward to a very good year. And since we only have a trophy in our cabinet, we are working very much harder than how we have worked before to get the second trophy that we do believe belongs to the Vanua na Kuruvarua and that is our role as for us to prepare and to work in getting that trophy back so that we can give back the mileage that you do deserve for coming on board and assisting us in this new year 2013”, Matawalu added.

Meanwhile other businesses houses in the Sigatoka region have also signed up to support the champion team. Tappoo Group as merchandise sponsors, Presidio Capital, Coastal Rentals, Maui Bay, KBL Buses, Geckos Trucking and Sigatoka Electrical are part of the Sigatoka business community who are backing their team 100 percent of the way.

“The strong support from the business community is a sign that business is definitely good in Sigatoka and we are very excited to team up with these sponsors who have Nadroga at heart to back our champion Nadroga Stallions”, Peter Hopgood added.

Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji was recently recognized as the Best Deluxe Accommodation in Fiji at the 2012 AON Excellence in Tourism awards, as well as the Best Fine Dining Restaurant.

The resort prides itself on delivering all the luxury of a five star property with the unforgettable warmth only found in a traditional Fijian village.

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