I want my house back!

Caption: Mohammed Hanif with his wife in Cuvu, Sigatoka yesterday afternoon. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


Former Nadroga soccer rep Mohammed Hanif, 72, has been running around for more than three-years to get his house back.

Hanif who has lived his entire life in Cuvu, Sigatoka went on a medical trip overseas in 2011 renting his house to a tenant who has been living for free ever since and has no intention of moving out despite being given several notices.

“The tenant only paid rent for a few months in 2011 and has been living for free ever since,” Hanif who now lives next door with his brother’s family complained.

The former Fijian Resort employee said he has no regular source of income and all his kids are now based overseas.

“This house is the only major asset I have but the tenant has turned my life into a nightmare,” Hanif said.

“I have been running to Police in Sigatoka, Nadi and Lautoka but they have been of no help so far. They say this is a civil matter. I have been also going to the lands department for help but no one is helping me out.”

He said the tenant now owes him almost $5,000 in rent arrears but he sees no hope of retrieving that amount.

“I am an old man and all the running around has not resulted in any action. I am really frustrated with the authorities.

“The holy month of Ramadhan is approaching and I hope I can get my house back so that I can live and pray peacefully in my own house,” Hanif said.

Hanif’s son Mohammed Shaizad who lives in New Zealand told this newspaper his father has spent almost $1,000 in running after authorities and bailiffs without any positive results so far.

In his heydays, Hanif played soccer for Nadroga for 20-years starting his playing career back in 1965.

The Jet newspaper is in the process of getting a comment from police on the issue while Hanif continues his long wait to get his own house back.

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