ICC 360 meet the Women’s Island Cricket Project

Rain threatened to dampen week 13 of the Women’s Island Cricket Project out in Dravo last week, but participants still turned up for an amended session on nutrition, and of course, some cricket!

Jessie Pullar, a dietician with the Ministry of Health’s Wellness Centre, was back out with us for the day, running some practical sessions with the women about the nutrients in common green, leafy vegetables found in Fiji, which root crop is actually the best for you, and just how much sugar is in Fijian’s favourite soft drinks!

Another special guest out at Dravo with us last week was Amol, filming for the program ICC 360ICC 360 is a television program contracted by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which aims to cover cricket across all of the ICC’s 96 member countries, from the Full Member countries, to nations where the sport is developing at a rapid rate.

ICC 360’s feature on Fiji will cover our school development programs and high performance program, as well as the Women’s Island Cricket Project.



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