Improved partnerships for the people of Fiji

The head of the Fiji Police Force’s Operations today urged traffic stakeholders to work together for the sake of Fiji’s travelling public.

ACP Rusiate Tudravu.

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu made the comments while opening the Traffic Divisions first joint stakeholders meeting at the National Traffic Control Centre in Nabua this morning.

In attendance were representatives from the Fiji Police Force, Land Transport Authority, National Fire Authority, Fiji Roads Authority and St John’s Ambulance.

ACP Tudravu urged those present to find solutions to the growing number of problems currently being faced by members of the public.

“More people are now vehicle owners and our roads are getting more congested, however that should not be an excuse to be used to answer to the growing complaints about road congestion”.

“No one else will find solutions to these problems besides us sitting in this room, so I urge all of you to have an open mind about the issues to be discussed today so we can implement strategies that will assist all of us with our operations”.

Also in attendance were Divisional Traffic Officers from the West, North, East and South who will be briefing the various stakeholders on the challenges they face in their area of operation.

One area of concern highlighted by the head of Operations was the tendency for stakeholders to work in isolation.

“We are all mandated under the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to do all we can to save the loss of lives and improve road safety in Fiji, however I find that we are going in different directions in how we are working towards achieving those goals”.

“Collectively we should be working together because at the end of the day one organization won’t be able to function without the other if we are to achieve our goals of making our roads safer”.

Similar joint stakeholder meetings will be held throughout the year.



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